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Meet FedoraCoin.

FedoraCoin is an easy to use, optionally anonymous, coin with value and utility.

Users of the currency can thank each other for great contributions in online communities by tipping some fedoras to each other.

Just a tip of your hat. 

Secure. With a safe wallet and a dedicated platform of payment and online store, doing business or simply shopping has never been that safe.
Anonymous. With its unique coin mixing feature, FedoraCoin allows users to send their coins totally anonymously, making your transactions untraceable.
Worldwide. With wallets available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, you can carry your TiPS with you anywhere, anytime, and be free to use them whenever you want to and wherever you are.
Instant. With its fast block time (10 times faster than Bitcoin), FedoraCoin allows you to live in the moment, making and receiving immediate payments.
Hatty. With its strong and growing community giving TiPS from all over the world, you will no longer have excuses for not tipping your hat.

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Do you need some coin to tip someone with the Reddit tipping bot?

Do you need to make a submission to MercBay?

Do you need some Fedoracoin to test your latest project?

Feel free to take what you need from our faucet!


There's new services that use and accept TiPS showing up all the time, from games of chance to mining and generating coins with mining pools, here's a recent listing of a few of them:

FedoraCoin blockchain explorer
MercBay: The Anti-Censorship Magnet Link Repository
Paper wallet generator
Buy/Sell with FedoraCoin on Reddit


If you're on reddit — we have a small growing subreddit available — the general hub for talk about TiPS is /r/FedoraCoin.

Alternately you can join us on IRC, don't be afraid to talk to us! We're on #TiPS@freenode, a webclient is available at

Make sure you follow us on Google+ too!


Mining is the easiest way to get FedoraCoin. Join one of the pools below to learn more:

Stay tuned to learn how your site can generate TiPS by just existing.
Like staying on this page is helping secure the FedoraCoin blockchain right now.

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